About Us

Soon Hing Hong Development Sdn. Bhd. was established in 2003 and is one of the affiliates of Soon Hing Group.

Since its establishment, Soon Hing Hong Development Sdn. Bhd. has been relying on its team and reputation, adhering to a stable and aggressive business style. Specializing in housing construction and renovation projects, we had successfully undertaken countless high-quality residential projects in Kuching urban areas and suburbs, such as Blessed Garden, Taman Janting, Taman In Ling, Taman Hua Ling, Greenville, Harvard Jaya, Greentown, and other housing construction projects.

For every project, we are committed to follow through and ensuring projects are completed on schedule. At the same time, we are also supplier of building materials and native Sarawak products, committed to diversify business development and sustainable operation.

We look forward to share the delights and be connected with you. To learn more about us, you can reach us via phone, fax and email for further inquiries.

順興豐發展有限公司是順興建築集團屬下關係公司之一 , 成立於 2003 年。

順興豐發展有限公司自成立以來 , 依靠團隊和信譽 , 秉承穩健 , 積極進取的經營作風 , 專業從事房屋建築,裝修工程 , 於古晉市區和近郊區都先後成功承建了無數優質的住宅項目,例如:蒙恩花園、金嶺山莊、英林花園、華林山莊 、綠怡居、哈佛世家、格林敦等房屋建築工程。對於毎一個項目都致力於貫徹始終,並確保如期完工 。同時公司也是建築材料及砂拉越原土產供應商,致力於事業的多元化發展,永續經營。


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