A Beauty Icon


Elegance and style

IconLift is a mini lift featuring an elegant and refined design. With a unique style, it adapts to every context, either classic or modern, helping to enhance every environment.

Furnishing accessory

The homelift has been designed with meticulous attention to detail: from a functional object to an integral part of the new living space. The Italian interior design can now count on the IconLift elevator.

Made in Italy

Design does not mean just minimalism. It can have a strong or peaceful character, it can be either histrionic or tactful, however Italian passion always beats in its heart.


Unique design

Provides continuous light lines and angles, seamlessly arranged on the same plane and perpendicular, creating a perfect harmony between wall and ceiling.

Touch Screen

Simply touch the touch screen to move comfortably in the silence of your living space, thanks to the worm-screw electric drive system: safe, reliable and ecological.

State of the art

Iconlift offers continuous LED lighting joining earth and sky in a single line. Its operation panel, with touch buttons and TFT screen, creates the horizon line toward the new perspectives of made in Italy. 


Functional beauty

The core of its beauty is given by the elements arranged in a sober, functional, intuitive way. Simplicity of use, safety at the highest level and the search for beauty, represent the concept of a true lifting icon.


The cosmopolitan design features striking shapes and colours. The wide grains on doors and structure make it suitable for every environment, enhancing its uniqueness.


Every detail has been carefully designed by our professionals. The finishes of the ceiling and wall are in the same material, to provide style continuity, and have been carefully selected to match the style of your home.

A way of life

Small lifts for homes

Our homelifts find their natural location in homes allowing to fully live the home environments. IconLift requires a minimum space to be placed between the home walls, where it is possible to make use of every centimeter thanks to the customizable dimensions with a step of 50 mm.

Landing doors

IconLift platforms lifts are provided with standard hinged glazed doors that guarantee style, maximum transparency, excellent visibility, and high safety. Elevator entrances can be single, opposite, or adjacent; compatible with your needs.

Mini elevators for indoor use

IconLift elevators are designed specifically for the interior of your home: minimally invasive structures, and large use of glazed surfaces to ensure transparency and brightness.


IconLift provides maximum operational safety because all its devices comply with
the regulations. The wide range of equipment includes:

• Emergency button
• Overload sensor
• Auto dialer
• Alarm signal
• Open door and lock check
• Emergency light
• Perimeter proximity edges
• Automatic descent to the
landing in case of blackout
• Emergency buttons integrated into the panel.

You will no longer be afraid to get trapped in the elevator car.

Not only stylish features

The features that make IconLift unique are LED lighting with continuous RGB light strip and same finishes of the wall and car
ceiling to make it a single piece.

Minimal footprint

The MRL (Machine Room Less) technology
and the design features make IconLift the ideal solution to combine comfort and limited space, thanks to the small size of the structure and the optimal use of the available surface.

Glazed structure

IconLift is fitted with an aluminium structure as standard. This element
has been carefully designed and is proposed in a silver anodized or painted finish, using a wide range of colours. A solution enhanced by the
choice of smoked glass.


IconLift is operated by means of floor call through the operation panel in the exclusively touch version, or through the car controls. These can be either touch controls (EEU) or mechanical controls (EU). In addition, the operation panel features a large TFT display with HD colour graphics. The technology of this homelift features a revolutionary UDEC controller. Finally, the worm-screw electric drive system ensures reliability, durability, smooth and quiet motions, without forgetting the environment-friendly approach. 

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